Half-demon bladebound magus weaponsmith


Dusk has lived in Kenabres all his 68 years of life. The child of a pair of Riftwardens: the half-elven appearing D’karik and human Liana Clarseen, he was raised resentfully by Liana’s mother who kept him isolated. An outcast his whole life, he grew up bitter towards most of the residents of the city who only officially tolerated his continued presence for his skill in bladesmithing, while abusing and fearing him for his tiefling appearance: deep-blue furred skin, yellow eyes, fanged teeth, and tail.

His manner is crass and deliberately provoking towards the proud and self-aggrandizing. To others who seem to be forgotten or looked down upon, he is generous and protective. He counts as a friend Eloise, the half-elven high priestess and head courtesan of the small Temple of Calistria.

When he has the money for it, he enjoys dwarven whiskey, cigars of various quality, and carnal pleasure. What he longs for, however, is to find a place that he might feel he belongs.

He carries with him a sentient black cold iron rapier of his own forging named Sphex. Sphex is extremely confident in its own ability and is jealous of Dusk using any weapon or spell besides it. Its motivations are not known to Dusk but he believes its purpose, and by extension his own, is to avenge the destruction of Calistria’s Temple by the demon horde and perhaps the refusal to defend it by the Crusaders of Kenabres.


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