Anevia Tirabade

Assistant and nurse at the Temple of Iomedae and Wife of Irabeth Tirabade. Before the attack she would attend to the sick and wounded as well as prepare bandages and medical supplies. She was also known to perform scouting missions along the river.

She was found with the survivors of the initial attack on Kenabres, her leg broken. She resented the fact that she slowed the group’s progress out of the underground, but she was friendly to the others in an attempt to compensate, and perhaps also because she is truly a kind person. Although skeptical when she first met the other survivors, she quickly befriended them.

Anevia is known for her quick wit. Normally a friendly soul, she tends to treat everyone she meets frankly, regardless of their occupation, race, or social standing— a habit that’s made her few allies among some of Kenabres’s less devout or honest citizens. She does, however, seem to be hiding something beneath the exterior, which she recently masks as concern for the well being of her wife.

Anevia is knowledgeable of dungeons and the multiverse. She is also proficient with a bow and finding and disabling traps.

Anevia was previously male. The magic used to transform her gender was paid for by her wife Irabeth, who had sold her own sword to do so.


Anevia Tirabade

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