Conjurer and possibly the last remaining member of the Riftwardens in Kenabres. Aravashnial is an elf of considerable ability and intruige. Until the attack he was a fixture at The Black Wing library. During the attack on Kenabres, Aravashnial was blinded by the whip of Khorramzadeh. Although the other survivors attempted to help him recover his blindness, it persists, greatly reducing his confidence and ability.

Aravashnial has the heir of someone who desires to be in charge at all costs. If he is not consulted regarding plans he quickly refusing to help and pouts regarding any injury done to him. He is greatful at least to the survivors that helped him escape from beneath Kenebres and return him to The Black Wing.

Aravashnial is somewhat of a conspiracy theorist and seems to have a number of outrageous theories brewing. Considering recent events, some of his theories proved to hold sway, namely that many groups among the crusades have been infiltrated by demon cultists and that their influence has been more damaging to the war effort than actual battles.



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