Horgus Gwerm

Horgus Gwerm is an arrogant and grating nobleman of Kenabres. His wealth is considerable as is the secrecy behind his means to it. His past is also obscured by time and rumors, making him one of the more intriguing, if not suspicious, noblemen around.

Horgus hides his fear and helplessness under bluster and takes great pains to make sure his considerations are heard, be it by insults or offers of payment. His is a man of his word when it comes to payment and is known for being prompt and offering bonuses generously as merit permits. He is also quite intelligent and frequently shares that he knows so.

He was grateful to the survivors that led him back to his manor on the surface. He paid them well and offered more to Neva to keep her on as retainer for a later time.


Horgus Gwerm

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