Kenabres is a fortified crusader city bordering the Worldwound. Currently, the city is the center of a radical faction of Iomedae’s faith who are renowned witch-hunters, led by the aging Hulrun Shappok. Although the city has become infamous for its witch hunts to ferret out any demonic influence in the population, the recently instituted Order of Heralds has made great strides in curbing the worst of these inquisitions. Many hope that they will dissipate entirely with the death of Hulrun, the elderly leader of the inquisition. The crusader generals of the city, Dyre and Marcovina, constantly fight with Hulrun over the allocation of the city’s soldiers: Hulrun insists that they should be hunting internal enemies, while the generals argue that they are needed on the western front.


Kenabres is built across a series of graduated tiers that rise from the plains in the east. To the west of the city there is a cliff edge that borders the West Sellen River, which is the main water supply of the city. The gradual increase in population made the town into a city.

There are four districts within Kenabres:

Old Kenabres: This district is the remainder of the original town of Kenabres. This is the residence of the oldest lineages in the city as well as the administrative buildings.

  • Cathedral of Saint Clydwell
  • Clydwell Plaza
  • The Gray Garrison
  • Prelate’s Manor
  • Temple of Iomedae

Ring District: Around the Old Kenabres district there lies the second tier of the city, which was also a part of the original town of Kenabres.

  • Alodae Amphitheater
  • Davon’s Ramp
  • The Kite
  • Truestone Park

New Kenabres: After the opening of the Worldwound, this district was added as a safe haven for the refugees of the lost settlements.

Gate District: 10 years later, the Gate District followed the construction of New Kenabres as the housing units of the latter could not hold the new population. It is now the city’s largest district.

  • Defender’s Heart
  • Librarium of the Broken Black Wing
  • Northgate
  • Northgate Market
  • Southgate
  • Southgate Market
  • Temple of Abadar
  • Temple of Sarenrae
  • Temple of Shelyn
  • Temple of Torag

Other Areas

Truestone Quarry is outside the city some 10 miles to the east but, nevertheless, it is very important to Kenabres’ survival. The quarry sends caravans weekly to supply Southgate with stone to construct reinforcements of the city’s defences.

  • Crusader Camps
  • Fine Fittings
  • Waller Slum
  • Water Pumps


Blackfire Adepts
Eagle Watch
Everbright Crusaders
Order of Heralds
Order of Saint Clydwell
Order of the Flaming Lance
Order of the Sunrise Sword
Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth


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